Why Trees Are Important For The Earth [Everything To Know About It]

Why Trees Are Important For The Earth

Trees provide oxygen to us which is important to human life. Human life totally depends on trees. If there is no tree then humans will go extinct within a few minutes. Nowadays, for our personal use, we are cutting trees in a drastically large amount daily.

If we keep doing this we will be running short out of oxygen. People are getting aware of this situation and doing plantation and also they are getting serious about Trees Are Important For The Earth.

But the plantation rate is so low as compared to the daily cutting rate. Governments are also fostering plantations activity by tv ads, seminars, and making different NGO’s. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the tree and why they are important for the Earth.

Why Trees Are Important For The Earth

Why Trees Are Important For Earth

Produce Oxygen – The major role of the tree as we all know is to provide oxygen for humans. Without oxygen, we can not think about livelihood on earth. Thus the oxygen is the most important thing for human existence. If something is necessary for the existence of human beings then we can analyze the importance of it.

As time going on the quality of oxygen is going inferior because of deforestation. In some places on the Earth, it is tough to breathe because of a lack of oxygen. This is the reason we should get conscious of this situation and stop tree cutting as soon as possible.

Not only oxygen but the tree also absorbs dangerous carbon dioxide and filter the air. The carbon dioxide which we exhale is taken by the trees and gives away the oxygen. Therefore it is extremely important to spread awareness about planting trees to the world.

This is something that indicates that trees are important for the earth. We can say that trees are the base of our lives. It is not possible to live with zero trees on our earth. We should promote planting as much as we can. Also, we need to take care of them, we should try to provide them the natural rooting hormone and other food supplements as well.

Ecosystem – Trees are the colony of many of the animals, birds, and insects, etc. Because of trees, they are living and if there is no tree then they would not be alive anymore. Trees maintain a wonderful ecosystem for the animals so as to exist on the earth.

Some of the species of the animal on Earth are no longer exist because of the no availability of the tree which used to be there before. There are thousands of living beings who totally depend upon the forests. Thus trees are the home of many living forms and we should take care of it.

There is no doubt that trees are important for the earth. Not because of the oxygen and other necessary things that maintain in our environment. Even they are providing nutrition and food to so many vegan animals.

Prevent Soil Erosion – Soil erosion is one of the major problems in many places in the world. Trees keep the soil stable in one place. The roots of the trees make a good grip with the which do not let soil flush away with the water.

Many of the agricultural places in the hill area are no longer there because of soil erosion. Where there are trees in abundance, soil erosion does not work there.

Home Appliances – You must have something in your home, made up of wood. Wood is available in every house. Countries like Japan where the population makes their home with wood material, are using tress for their various priorities.

However we are trying to using fewer wood products to prevents the tree from cutting, but we can not deny its usefulness for everyone. Governments are trying to produce fewer wood products in order to save trees which is a good step.

But the thing is we cannot depend on the government only. We also need to take care of trees, it is our duty and we should understand that Trees Are Important For The Earth. They are providing us so many things, in which food and other nutrients are really very important.

Importance Of Trees

Save water – Trees also saves water in many ways. In forests, the shadow of trees reduces water evaporation by the sun. Because of trees many lakes and small rivers are thriving.

We see that the lakes where there are trees all around have more water level as compare to the lakes where there are no trees around. In many villages, people plant trees beside the well because its shadow prevents water evaporation. Therefore, trees save water for us in many ways.

Fruits & Vegetables – We get fruits from the trees which are giving nutrition and vitamins to the human beings. Apart from humans fruits are the sole meal of many animals. We all know the benefits of fruits. Fruits are necessary to provide the required nutrition to the body and keep us healthy.

Trees also provide us vegetables which is the meal of humans. Without vegetables, we can not imagine human life at all. Thus, trees are providing benefits to humans from all directions. Countries like India, Nepal and China vegetable is the main source of the home meal.

If you want to save this nature and this earth, then you should take care of plants in a very genuine manner. For healthy planting, you can use the best rooting hormone, root growth enhancer and many more.

Healing – Many doctors suggest the patients have fresh air into the garden. The fresh air of the trees heals deep down in the human body. It also purifies the inner respiratory area of the human body which increases human life.

Also, in meditation, trees have their own place. In ancient India, meditation used to happen beneath the trees. Nowadays, some professional meditation practitioners also do meditation under the tree. Apart from that, Yoga is being practiced in the garden only because of the fresh air of the trees.

So, there so many reasons that tell us Trees Are Important For The Earth and we should take care of trees on priority. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, then you cannot deny the importance of trees in our environment.

Remedy – In Ayurveda ( world oldest therapy practice ) specific trees are useful to make ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicines are being used since ancient time in countries like India.

Trees are playing an important role as a remedy purpose. Not only in Ayurveda, but tribes in Africa also use trees and their leaves for healing wounds.

Healthy Pants

Fuel – Unfortunately people are using trees as fuel which rapidly reducing the number of trees on the Earth. In some countries, tree coal is used as a fuel which devastating for nature. It not only reducing trees but also polluting the air as well.

Factories are using woods as their fuels in a huge amount. Apart from that most traditional hotels, homes and restaurants are using woods as fuel because wood is a comparatively low price.

Not only factories and homes but there are plenty of places where people are using the tree as fuel. We should understand the value of a single tree and join the trees saving movement.


We hope you get some important things that might be helpful to understand the value of the trees. However, you all are smart enough to understand Why Trees Are Important For The Earth. So, now it is your duty to take care of your environment. All you need to spread plating everywhere, as much as you can.

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