Rooting Hormone Pros And Cons [Everything About Rooting Hormones]

Rooting Hormone Pros And Cons

Rooting hormones give our plant huge advantages to help them grow faster. Rooting hormone is essential in today’s world.

But when we use it in excessive quantity or in the wrong way it may give adverse effects to the plants, for that you should know everything about the Rooting Hormone Pros And Cons. Today I will talk about what are the Rooting Hormone Pros And Cons in plants.

Since my hobby is also gardening, I have done research on rooting hormone advantages and disadvantages. If you a gardener or farmer or it is your hobby then you should not use the rooting hormones without knowing them profoundly. It is very necessary to have a good knowledge of how to apply the rooting hormone and when.

Now I am going to share with you the pros and cons of using the rooting hormone. Read the below article to know about it.

Rooting Hormone Pros And Cons

Pros Of Using The Rooting Hormone

Pros Of Using The Rooting Hormone

  1. Rapid Growth – The best advantage of using organic rooting hormone is that they give rapid growth to the plant in very little time. In some plants, early growth is very important that is why most gardeners use rooting hormones in some plants.
  2. Good cutting rate – Rooting hormones give a good cutting rate in all cases. Plants are not capable to build good grip easily into the soil. Rooting hormones help the plant to get a good grip on the soil so that it can give a good cutting rate.
  3. Prevent Bacterias – Rooting hormones prevents bacteria who can destroy the plant. The prevention of bacteria is an essential part of gardening and plantation. Rooting hormones do prevent bacteria in a very good manner.
  4. Proper nurturing – There is another advantage of rooting hormones i.e. it gives proper nutrition to plant. Stems need good nutrition to grow into the soil. Rooting hormones are very good sources which nurture the plant with most of minerals and nutrition.

Cons Of Rooting Hormones

Cons Of Using Rooting Hormones

In spite of having a lot of advantages, rooting hormones also have some cons. If you do not aware of the cons of using rooting hormones then you should think again. Do check the disadvantages of using the best rooting hormones.

  1. Burn stems – Rooting hormones can burn stems if you put it into the soil in excess quantity. It is so important to keep in mind that you should use rooting hormones in an appropriate quantity. Excess of it may harm the plant.
  2. Lose Of Natural Genetic – Using rooting can lose the natural genetic strength of the plants in the long run. Just like when we use asteroid in the human body and later they harm our body. Similarly using rooting hormones affects the genetic power of the plants.
  3. Lose Natural Colour Of The Plant – Very few people know this that when we compare a normal plant to the plant grown by rooting hormones, naturally grown plants will always have a natural and vibrant color. When we use rooting hormones, it forces plants to grow rapidly which snatch the natural color of the plant to a little extent.

Hope this article would help you to know more about the Rooting Hormone Pros And Cons. I tried my best to give you proper information about Rooting Hormone Pros And Cons. I hope this fulfilled all your queries of the pros and cons of rooting hormones.

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