Rooting Hormone For Cuttings [Which Rooting Hormone Is Best]

Rooting Hormone For Cuttings

There are so many plants which we can grow with their cutting. Whether it is flowing, fruits or anything else. In this category my personal favorite is rose. It is the flowing plant which almost everybody loves. So, here I decided to write something about the Best Rooting Hormone For Cuttings.

Because many of you might have this question in your mind, that which is the best Rooting Hormone For Cuttings. Because usually, we use three forms of organic rooting hormone. In which we have liquid rooting hormone, gel rooting hormone and the most famous rooting hormone powder.

There is a lot of plants which you can grow with their cuttings only. Here I want to list some of them. So, here we have.

Aster – It is the most beautiful flower plant which gives you a beautiful flower that you will surely love to see. And, the best part is this plant can grow with the cutting only.

Rose – This is one of the most beautiful flower plants and of course it is the most famous and the well-known flower plant which you can grow with the cutting. Rose is the flower which has various meanings according to the colors.

Butterfly Bush – This is the best ever plant which you can grow with a cutting. It works perfectly fine and by using the plant rooting hormone with this plant. You will see the super amazing result in its growth.

Chrysanthemum – Again a flower plant in this list. This plant gives you the flower in various colors likewise, gold, white, off-white, yellow, bronze. These different color flowers can be used as per the situation or need.

Salvia – This is an annual plant that you can plant in your home with fine cutting. However, I would suggest you use the root growth hormones to see the faster growth in such plant.

Well, these are some of the plants you can grow at your home with a simple fine cutting. It is easy and you can grow them with a faster growth rate by using a natural rooting hormone.

Best Rooting Hormone For Cuttings

Root Growth Hormone For Cutting

So many gardeners or gardening lovers are asking this question. However, this is not a problem. Because the rooting hormone actually doesn’t matter a lot. If, you want to grow a plant with a cutting. Then, you can use rooting hormone powder. But with the powder form, you need to prepare a paste or the moisture powder.

Whereas, if you are using the liquid rooting hormone or gel rooting hormone. Then, you can use them directly. So, the direct answer is you can use any form of rooting hormone. If you need the suggestion to buy the best rooting hormone to grow a plant with root or with cutting only. Then, you can explore some of the most effective organic rooting hormones that we reviewed in the list of top-performing best rooting hormone.

Rooting hormone is the mixture of essential vitamin, root hormones, and the minerals which helps your plants to get all the required nutrients. The plant rooting hormone makes your plants healthy and more beautiful. Because if a living object gets enough food then, it will surely become more beautiful, more healthy and happier than ever.

Plants completely depend on sunlight, water, and soil for their food. So, if they can get some extra nutrients they will grow up with a faster-growing rate. This is how a rooting hormone works, you can have the most beautiful plants at your home just by plating them and using the natural rooting hormone.

Process To Grow A Cutting By Using The Root Growth Hormone

How To Use Root Growth Hormone For Cuttings

The process of planting cutting and growing it with the help of rooting hormone is very easy. You just need a fresh cutting of a plant, let’s say rose plant. The cutting you want to plant shouldn’t be longer than 5 or 6 inches.

If it is longer than this, then simply cut it with a sharp knife. Now, make sure there shouldn’t be any leaf or something else on the cutting you are going to plant. If the cutting has any leaf on its, then simply remove them with the help of a knife or any other sharp tool.

Well, your first step is done now. After that take some fresh and moist soil, and sprinkle some water on it. If you are using rooting hormone powder, then simply mix it in the soi. Or, if you are using the liquid rooting hormone or gel rooting hormone, then simply mix a little amount in water and then pour it on the soil in which you will plant the cutting.

You are done with the second step of planting a cutting. Now take 1 or two spoons of liquid rooting hormone in a bowl or in a small lid and dip the cutting into this natural rooting hormone. If you are using the powder form of rooting hormone.

Then, don’t dip the cutting directly into the bottle. It will make the rest root hormone useful or less effective. Just take a small amount of it in a bowl or in a small bottle or glass. Mix some water in the powder and make a moist powder.

Now dip the cutting into the moist powder, and then simply plant it into the soil you have prepared before with the rooting hormone.

How To Use Rooting Hormone For Cuttings

The main step comes on. After all this process, you need a plastic bag, put the planting cutting into the plastic bag with its pot.

Now, blow some air in the plastic bag from your mouth and seal it tightly. Put it in the sunlight, and leave it in the plastic bag for 2-3 days.

After that cut the plastic bag and look at this, you will see some changes in the cutting.

The main work starts now. Make sure you sprinkle the water on the soil regularly in the morning or in the evening as well. Before sprinkling the water on the soil of the potting mix a little amount of rooting hormone in the water and then pour it.

Continue this process, after doing it for a very few days only, you will see the impressive result in the growth of your cutting. That’s it. I hope you found the answer to your search term Best Rooting Hormone For Cuttings.

If you want to know about a particular rooting hormone for cuttings, then I would suggest you explore our blog. You will see so many root growth hormones along with their detailed and comprehensive reviews.

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