Rooting Hormone Disadvantages [Complete Information]

Rooting Hormone Disadvantages

Rooting hormones are the supplement of the plants which helps them to grow. These rooting hormones help plants developing faster and provide good cutting results. Food supplements have become a necessary product for gardening nowadays. Not using these products may turn out in a huge loss because of the bad cutting rate. In today’s scenario, the ability of the plants in crossing is very low.

This is the reason we use root growth hormones in our gardening. Through rooting hormones plants also grab the essential elements from the soil very easily. Usually are not able to grab the essential elements from the soil in appropriate quantity naturally.

They need some additional support which helps them to do so. Plants growth hormones support the plants in this activity. Not only it helps to utilize soil elements for the plants but it also prevents the bugs from coming to the plants.

Now we have known the reason for and benefits of using these plant food supplements. But now I will tell about the Rooting Hormone Disadvantages. It is not only providing benefits but it is also harming in many ways. Further in this section, we cover all the points of Rooting Hormone Disadvantages.

Major Rooting Hormone Disadvantages

Major Rooting Hormone Disadvantages

Burn The Stems – These products are not natural it has many kinds of chemicals in it. Many times we see the burning stems of the plants because of these products. If you have good knowledge about it and you are using these supplement products in a proper quantity then it is fine.

But if you do not have enough knowledge about using food supplements then you may be in trouble. Excess of the supplement product damage the plants, it is one of the Major Rooting Hormone Disadvantages.

Reduce The Soil Strength – We all know we are using growth hormones products in order to make the soil more productive. Continuously doing this affective the soil in a negative way. If we see the long term scenario by keep doing this, we find that our soil will have no more production capabilities.

Using chemical-based hormones and mix them in the soil directly reduces the natural capabilities of the soil. We should take care of these things which are damaging the natural structure of the earth in any way.

Snatch The Natural Colour Of The Plants – One more Rooting Hormone Disadvantages which shows the negative effects of the plant supplement is the unnatural colour of the plants. You will not get the natural colour of the plants. Nature has given a natural colour to every plant which depends upon its properties.

Plants can get their natural colour if it is supported by a fully natural environment. But nowadays we are seeing faded or extra dark colours in the plants and their production. The reason behind this is chemical-based plant food supplements. We should avoid using it in excess quantity.

Root Growth Hormone Disadvantages

Less Natural Production – The fruits and vegetables we are getting through the support of the best rooting hormone are not as healthy as they seem to be. The physical structure of the fruit may seem very healthy but the internal nutritions in the fruits are getting low.

People are preferring a good outer structure of the fruits and vegetables. They are not judging the quality of the fruits with its natural abilities rather they buy whats seems beautiful. The concern here is that the commercialisation of natural products is happening in huge quantity.

Therefore uses are these food supplement products are going higher. We must analyse the effect of this activity on human and nature.


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In this article, we have read about how rooting hormones affecting the plants and their natural capabilities. If we do not stop this or find any other solution of it then the gardening would no more possible without these supplements.

We must understand that the good result that we are seeking is for a temporary purpose. But we are damaging our plants and their strength in long terms.

We also know that there are some natural rooting hormones are also available in the market which does give any harm to the plant and the soil. The result of these natural rooting hormones may not be as good as synthetic rooting hormones but it keeps the natural strength of the soil, plants and its production.

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