Midas Rooting Gel Hormone [Best Root Growth Hormone For Your Plants]

Midas Rooting Gel Hormone

If you are looking to but best rooting gel for your gardening or farming then I will introduce with you top-notch rooting gel. The Midas Rooting Gel Hormone has become the dominant form of supplement for the plants because of inappropriate soils and a hostile environment.

Gel rooting hormone helps the plants to grow faster and it enhances the quality of the plant. People used to apply rooting hormone powder before but nowadays gel form of the rooting hormone is considered to be the best form of rooting hormone.

The gel form of rooting hormone sticks with the stems of the plants perfectly thus it gives a better result. Midas Rooting Gel Hormone is one of the popular and effective rooting hormones gel.  The good result of this gel is the major reason for its popularity. In this article, I will discuss all the important things about this IBA rooting gel.

Advantages of Midas Rooting Gel Hormone

Midas Rooting Gel Hormone Review

IBA rooting gel not only provides nutrition to the plants but also protects them from many sorts of harms. It nourishes the plants from all the way which results in healthy plant production. Let’s check out the major advantages of the IBA rooting gel.

Protection – This rooting gel guard the whole plant from many harmful things. It guards them against bacteria, fungi, and micro insects. If there is no protection against all of these things then that would wither soon or become unhealthy.

The solution to this rooting gel has anti-bacterial capabilities that prevent them from coming. The thing that makes this organic rooting hormone different from others is its protective strength which is high.

Nutrition – If you use IBA rooting gel then I would help to give proper nutrition to the plants. Usually, plants are unable to grab all the essential nutrition from the soil at the optimum level.

But through the power of the IBA rooting gel, the plant would be able to exert maximum nutrition for itself. Nutrition is the main factor that affects the whole structure of the plant. Proper nutrition leads to a healthy life of the plant and improper nutrition leads it to wither.

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Cutting Rate – The cutting rate of IBA rooting gel is higher than other rooting gels. It gives a 100 percent cutting rate. You need to dip the gel with the stem of the plant with proper precautions in order to get a good result.

IBA rooting gel helps and supports the plants to get a new root growth in new and young plants. Apart from that, you can also use the Midas Rooting Gel Hormone in seed propagation. It also protects the stem from germs.

Rapid Growth – Using rooting gel also helps the plants to become mature. If you are doing plantation for professional or business purpose then it becomes necessary to use rooting hormones.

If you are making your plants younger in a short period of time then it is obviously good for your business. These rooting hormones provide perfect nutrition to the plant which helps the plant in growing faster.

Oxygen Supply – Midas Rooting Gel Hormone takes care of the proper oxygen supply to the cutting. While we use cutting procedure into the plants, the cutting stems need a certain amount of oxygen. Rooting gel hormone provides this requisite oxygen according to its need.

If you are doing the cutting process and not using any rooting hormone then it is more likely to be a failed process. Because the current natural availability of the substance in the environment is unable to provide proper support to the cutting. Through the use of the rooting hormone, you can support your plants to grow healthy.

Quality Production – Since Midas Rooting Gel Hormone provides proper nutrition and supplements to the plants, the yield comes of superior quality. The yield will be long, large and good in the definition. Some rooting hormones make the plants healthier in appearance but not from inside.

Midas Rooting Gel Hormone makes a plant stronger from inside as well which results in high-quality production. On the other hand, if you have a business of planting then you must use this rooting gel in your plants and seed.

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Rejuvenate Weak Plant – If you see that the plants are gradually going to wither then IBA rooting gel will help you out. Its gel solution provides essential nutrition to the plants in the absence of which it is in a bad state.

If you use IBA rooting gel from the starting then this problem would not occur however it is able to rejuvenate the plant if possible. Dry leaf, burned leaf or weak strength of the stem is the sign of bad health of the plant.

If you see such a condition of your plant then you should rectify as soon as possible. If you take too much time to rectify it then the damage will spread more.


You should take care of the amount of rooting gel that you are using. Because if you apply more than the needed amount of the gel then it might cause a problem. You should have proper knowledge of using rooting hormones using quantity.

Nowadays the company made it so easy to have the knowledge of the using rooting hormone because they give user manual. You must read all the written material which comes with the products.

Companies clearly mention how much quantity you should use with various sorts of plants. Thus it becomes so easy to get the knowledge about the rooting hormone before using it. Some Gardner uses the same amount of rooting gel with all types of plants which is not good.

The property of the plants is different from one another thus you should apply the required gel as per the plant’s properties. Usually, people dip 1 inch of the stem and keep them submerged for around 2 seconds, which works for most of the plants.

But not for all of the plants you can use this measurement. Some plants need a bit more time and in more quantity and some need less quantity rooting hormones. You should keep this thing in your mind.

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