Make Your Own Rooting Hormone [Homemade Root Hormones]

Make Your Own Rooting Hormone

Whether you are a professional gardener or you do gardening as a hobby, you need to use rooting hormones for good cutting rates. We already know we can not let the cutting grown on its own because most of the plants would die in the absence of the best rooting hormone.

Rooting hormones be it a powder rooting hormone or liquid or any other form of hormones, enhances the potential of the cutting.

This is the reason the cutting rate of the plants goes higher when we use rooting hormones. However, there are tons of chemical-based rooting hormones that are available in the market although plenty of self-made rooting hormones are also available.

In this article, we will discuss with you how to make your own rooting hormones? how to make natural rooting hormone and how to grow healthy plants? We will cover all these things here. Apart from that, I will also tell you various kinds of natural rooting hormones that you can use for your plants. You can easily find most of these natural rooting hormones in your home.

Let me tell you one important thing that the influence of the natural rooting hormones is not as effective as synthetic rooting hormones. On the other hand cutting rates are also lower as we compare it with the other rooting hormones. The purpose of writing this article is to let people know that you can make your own rooting hormone with natural products.

How To Make Your Own Rooting Hormone

How To Make Your Own Rooting Hormone

In this section, we are going to discuss how to make natural rooting hormones or make your own rooting hormone. Some homemaking rooting hormone methods are proven methods and some are not. Although we are covering some popular methods that people are actually using for their plants.


how to make natural rooting hormone

Salvia is one of the most effective natural product that is used to heal wounds. The animal uses their saliva to heal their cuts and wounds on the body. This saliva is also usable in plant cuttings. In many countries like Africa and Australia, saliva is being used for plant treatment.

But you can use this method for a few plants at home. It is not possible to use the saliva on a big amount of cuttings. This method is useful only for home. This method indeed works to try it yourself. And of course, you can consider it if you want to know about the ways to make your own rooting hormone.


how to grow healthy plants

Natural honey is also a natural rooting hormone. We can easily find the honey at every home. But keep in mind that the honey should be natural if you are using it as a natural rooting hormone.

Since the honey that comes into the market would not work properly. If you want a good result that uses only natural honey. Not only in plant cutting but honey can be used on plenty of curing methods. This is all about how you can make your own rooting hormone, honey will surely help you in this.

Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe vera gel is a good natural product that can be useful for many kinds of skin treatment. I am not sure about its effectiveness yet but it is quite useful in plants cutting. You just need to dip the bottom of the cutting with the aloe vera gel and it would give a good cutting rate.

We should keep in mind that the aloe vera should be fresh. You should not use the stored aloe vera gel rather you should use the total fresh gel from the aloe vera plant. Some people but aloe vera gel from the market and then use it in plant cutting. That does not work. Only the plant’s gel would work.

Willow Tea

powder rooting hormone

Willow tea plant is full of auxin which helps the plant spur new stems.  There are plenty of willow tea products available in the outside market which will help you to make natural rooting hormones. You should also make sure that you are using this product in the right manner.

If you do not use it as per the guidelines then it may damage the cuttings. Therefore it is better to have a piece of good knowledge about using willow tea in plant cuttings.


Aspirin For Rooting Hormone

Aspirin is also a good source of natural rooting hormone. People are using aspirin in a huge quantity and it is also quite popular in natural rooting hormone. It is available in both powder rooting hormone and liquid form.

If you are using powder then you can pour it in lukewarm water and then use it in plants. Aspirin tablets are also usable in plant cutting, You can crush them and make them powder to use. Since the aspirin tablets are easily available people buy tablets and crust them in order to make them usable.



Cinnamon is an antifungal product that keeps the bugs, diseases and other harmful things away from the plants. It is available in every kitchen and home. You do not need to go to the market especially to buy it.

That is why it is also a famous substance that people are using to give a good life to the plants. One more good thing about Cinnamon is, it is not expensive at all. Cinnamon is also a good choice if you are making natural rooting hormone at home.

So, if you want to make your own rooting hormone, then Cinnamon can help you a lot for sure. It can help you to grow healthy plants at your home to fresh your environment.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar supports the plants in many ways. It works as a plant supplement and plant growth enhancer. This product can be used by mixing it with the water. I am not suggesting any specific amount of it because the quantity of using apple cider vinegar is different for different types of cuttings.

You should study the plants and their properties before using them. But usually, you mix it with water the keep the cutting into the water so that cutting could absorb it.


Using home-based natural rooting hormones is a good way to strengthen the capacity of the plants. But these home-based plant supplements would only work for home gardening. The result of natural rooting hormones is slow but effective.

The quality of the products will be great since the plants are getting natural things which are supporting them. The only loopholes in natural plant supplement it, their slow growth. Well, I hope you got some useful information about the ways to make your own rooting hormone, now it is your turn to use these working ways.

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