How To Control Nematodes Organically In Plants [Complete Guide]

how to control nematodes organically

Nematodes are the unorganized category roundworms which are generally related to vegetable gardens. There are two types of nematode one protects the plants by killing other harmful bacteria and one damage the plant itself.

Usually, these nematodes are found in the roots and soil nearby the vegetable’s plants. If we do not take care of the garden properly, these pesticides ruin the vegetable plants. The good nematodes that are beneficial for plants are not able to kill all pesticides.

Therefore It is so important to use some effective methods to prevents nematodes in plants. Prevention and control of nematodes is the first thing you should consider in vegetable gardening. The nematode killer pesticides should not a good method to Control Nematodes Organically in which we can use natural rooting hormone and many more.

Nature always tries to make a proper balance so that the plants can grow naturally but nowadays it is not possible without using some external solutions.

In this article, we will discuss how to control nematodes organically as well as through other options. As we know nematodes in plants are often not a good sign. On the other hand prevention and control of nematodes in such a way that the plant’s roots become safe is challenging.

Further, we are going to discuss a few points and methods which will help all the vegetable and other gardeners in the prevention and control of nematodes so that they can produce more healthy output.

How To Control Nematodes Organically

prevention and control of nematodes

Sun Solarisation – Solarisation is one of the common and natural ways of prevention and control of nematodes. If you are looking for how to get rid of nematodes organically then this method is the best. If you use this method, you need to give a proper sunbath to the soil. The sunlight of the sun should deeply penetrate soil so the nematodes into the soil can be killed.

Through the effect of sunlight, nematodes die into the soil. One thing you should keep in mind that there is a limitation to this method. Sun solarisation is a good way to prevent and kill nematodes but it kills all beneficial nematodes as well. Therefore before using this method you should consider this as well.

Rooting Hormones – There are all types of rooting hormones available in the market organic rooting hormone and natural rooting hormone. If you want to use organic methods to prevent these bugs then you should use homemade rooting hormones.

I am not telling you here how to make organic rooting hormones at home. You better google it. On the other hand, you can buy the best rooting hormone from the market which will enhance the strength of the soil.

You can use rooting hormones after the sun’s solarisation methods of preventing nematodes. After using solarisation methods many essential elements go away from the soil. Therefore rooting hormones fill this gap and make your gardening more valuable.

nematodes in plants

Change The Location – If you want Control Nematodes Organically then you can also change the location of the vegetables from one place to another. If you suspect that there are nematodes that exist in a particular area then you should swap the vegetables or change their location.

This method is quite popular and simple. You should keen In mind that after uprooting the vegetable you need to gently clean the root of the vegetable before rooting it again.

There is a limitation in this method as well. You can not apply this to all crops. Certain types of crops can be cured through these methods. You should also have proper knowledge of this method because you may ruin your crop easily if something happens wrong.

nematode killer

Till The Soil Frequently – You should till the soil on a regular interval to prevent nematodes. How to control nematodes organically is a big question nowadays as far as natural ways of preventing it are concerned.

Tilling the soil is quite helpful to prevent weeds and dangerous insects who can invade and damage our plants. You should also keep in mind that you should not till wet soil. If you till the wet soil then soil natural ingredients may damage.

Apart from these benefits, there are plenty of benefits are available in tilling the soil. A plant can expand its roots into deep soil if the soil is properly tilled. When the soil expands its roots deep into the soil, the foundation of the plants becomes strong and the plant will thrive well.

Taking Care Of Plants

Taking Care Of Watering – Chances of the intrusion of the nematodes are high when plants suffer due to lack of water. We should water the plants frequently but according to the attribute of the plants. The plant is more suspectable to the nematode if you do not water your plants frequently.

Therefore keep this thing in mind that watering is an essential part of healthy gardening which can prevent nematodes. When the question arises that how to control nematodes organically? Watering the plants is the easiest way to support the plant against nematode.


Green Manure – You can also use green manure to prevent nematodes in the plants. This method will not drastically destroy the nematodes but helps the plants to prevent them from invading. Green manure like the painted daisy, French marigold, dahlia and castor bean, etc can kill nematodes.

You can plant these plants into your garden. These plants can produce a botanical toxin which kills the nematodes. Some gardeners especially plant these green manure and keep them for a long time to kill the nematodes.

The Final Verdict

I do not think that the question is arising in your mind that how to control nematodes organically?. Since we have given all the necessary information regarding prevent and destroy nematodes. There are many anti nematodes products are available in the market as well.

You can also use them if you want a quick result. But in this article, I tried to keep all the methods organically. Organically methods do not provide instant result but these methods are beneficial for long term gardening.

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